Zhao Shaojiu stood up and looked back,That figure is……Is the father?

unbelievable,Zhao Shaojiu covers her mouth,Tears flowed down:“father,father,Why are you here,I miss you so much,I really miss you。”
“be good,Zhao Shaojiu,Dad miss you too,fast,Let me hug you。”
Call of relatives,More important than anything,In Zhao Shaojiu’s ears,In the heart,In my mind are the happy days of her childhood。
those years,Father often takes her on the swing,They ride a roller coaster together,Watch the sea together,Really happy,Really miss him。
Hear the call,Zhao Shaojiu instinctively wanted to rush over,But she didn’t rush over,Because the pain from my heart still continues。
“Do not,You are not my father,My father never called me by my name,He keeps calling my name,Do not lie to me。”
The kind father showed a treacherous smile,Appearance begins to change,Along with the surrounding environment, great changes have taken place。
The previous flowers and green leaves are gone,The endless grassland is gone,The uninhabited desert next door that exists in heaven and earth,The raging wind in the distance blows the yellow sand,Form an ugly tornado。
Her father turned out to be the last person to see:“Zong Xueqin,I have to kill you。”
Zhao Shaojiu’s eyes are already red,This woman harmed the entire Zhao family,Make a lot**Ion powder,She was the culprit who killed her father,So must die。
“OK,Come kill me,Come kill me,let me see,How much courage did the Zhao family give you!”
Zhao Shaojiu really killed,She has a sword in her hand,She has already learned to fly,So she has the ability to kill each other。
The sword stabbed Zong Xueqin,The stabbing is a cloud of yellow sand,Stab the opponent again,The stabbing is still a cloud of yellow sand。
“Zhao Shaojiu,You are too weak,You can’t even kill your husband or enemy,If that’s the case, why don’t you stop by yourself。”
The originally angry woman became decadent and weak,Throw the sword on the ground at will,Kneel on the ground,Tears can’t stop running from the corners of my eyes。
“I can’t even kill my enemies,I’m so useless,In this case,Why live。”Zhao Shaojiu talks to himself,Slowly pick up the sword in your hand,Towards my neck。
Not able to live,Why bother to live。