Wu Guanqi said:“Why didn’t you go to bed at noon?I won’t let you drink,I won’t let you go to class,It seems you have nothing to do except sleep。”

Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Said:“Today special,Received a professor with the monitor at noon,Ate dinner with the professor,Chatted for a while,After returning to the dormitory,Wash,Lie down for a few minutes,Did not fall asleep,Class starts。”
Wu Guanqi saw that he didn’t say it like a fake,Just said:“it is good,You take a break,I’ll wake you up after entering Langzhu city。You have to sleep well,Otherwise, I can’t fight it at night。”
Peng Changyi said:“What to parry?”
“what did you say?Drinking。”
Peng Changyi said:“rest assured,No one will drink you at night。the first,Let’s have a private party with Jiang Fan,Under normal circumstances, he would not call someone else,Even if you call someone else,Will be someone he can trust,Besides, let’s go find him,There must be something to say,In this case, there won’t be too many people,More than three people;second,He doesn’t drink too much at night。”
“How do you know he doesn’t drink too much wine at night?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“He got married this year,Which is more than half a year,He is not young anymore,For the next generation,He doesn’t know how to drink at night。”
“How do you know so detailed?”
Peng Changyi said:“of course I know,Just the same as I know you。”
Wu Guanqi said:“you know me,I admit it,But you can never imagine the circumstances under which my second child was born。”
Peng Changyi tilted his head and looked at him,Said:“Don’t tell me it was when you drank alcohol?”
“Haha。”Wu Guanqi laughed,Said:“Exactly。I drank a lot that day。how about it,Do you think my son has any influence?physically abled,Developed brain,Very smart。”
Peng Changyi listened to him,Nod seriously,Said:“Oh,That’s really good,but,Drinking is not good,If you don’t drink that day,Maybe if your son crawls out of his mother’s belly, it will count as one plus one equals two,The full moon will prove Goldbach’s conjecture,Do you say it has an impact,Because of your drinking,Until it caused a child prodigy to become an ordinary child。”
“Hahaha。”Wu Guanqi laughed。
Peng Changyi laughed triumphantly at Wu Guanqi,Just glanced at him,Said:“Look at your promise!”
Wu Guanqi laughed again。