“Let’s not talk about anything else,But this matter,It’s totally necessary to get it done as soon as possible!”

When Ye Xuan looked at him,Ye Xuan said very directly。
Chapter 72 Is It All Right?
now,Lin Sichen has got the news。
But now,Lin Sichen looked in front of him subconsciously,The whole person’s brows are slightly frowned。
“what,Is this all right?”
obviously,Lin Sichen didn’t expect this at all。
but,When Lin Sichen saw this,Lin Sichen felt more and more,Actually start now,It is still necessary,Solve this matter properly。
And seeing these,at this time,people around me,Don’t forget to ask here。
“But now,These are not the most important。”
“Next,I think,In fact, we still need to get these things done quickly.。”
When Lin Sichen looked in front of him,The more so,Actually here,The corners of Lin Sichen’s mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。
But the more so,Actually put it here。
These things,In itself,Actually nothing at all。
And Lin Sichen suddenly smiled。