After hanging up the phone, Gao Deyuan felt a blank in his mind。
Wang Yufei’s sudden request made him confused。
Let’s say that this kid doesn’t understand the importance of foundation,I’m very clear,Take enough credits first,Let’s talk about the security research。
I want to say that this kid is too confident,They didn’t say that all subjects were taken,The choices are all related to the brain,Future-oriented disciplines related to biochips and computer neural networks……
So just pure arrogance?
Arrogant capital!
It’s not easy to refuse……
After all, it was a kid snatched from the math department。
It won’t be good if the guys in the mathematics department know this news and grab someone.。
If you look at this separately, you will find,With this child’s ability to solve a worldwide mathematical problem,There is no problem at all to go directly to the mathematics department to take a number theory graduate student。
Then embarrassing!
Reported in this major,Then I went directly to the graduate student next door?
Not to mention that his laboratory still needs such a talent,This is going to happen,Where to put his Gao Deyuan’s face?
Thought of here,Gao Deyuan called the dean directly。
The answer is……
Let’s study together how to do this。