“Tut,So buddies,Come play basketball!Basketball can really make you a super rich,And don’t need your brain!”

“Only hit6Game,Someone is willing to give such a fat contract,You guys are crazy!”
“So rich can be willful,For the rich,Super players like Shen Huan,It doesn’t matter how much you spend。”
“It still depends on people!I watched Shen Huan’s skills,Not inferior to those superstars at their peak。”
“Agree with!I think Shen Huan is only a short three-pointer,By the way, he has never made a three-pointer.!Is this his biggest shortcoming?”
“Don’t worry about shortcomings,His firepower can’t stand Duncan and Ginobili combined,That’s superstar performance!Give him this huge contract,Won’t lose money!”
Even the Americans say so,Not to mention the excitement of domestic media and fans。
“Dayao’s highest year is just1769Ten thousand dollars?Shen Huan is twice as much as him in the second season?”
“This can’t be said that Shen Huan is better than Dayao,Because the location is different!”
“cut!Then compare the positions of Duncan and Dayao?Shen Huan can beat Duncan,What about Dayao?”
“Damn,Don’t say that,Dayao and Shen Huan are good friends,Don’t quarrel by yourself!”
“Correct!Sister Xiaofeng doesn’t care about these things,All he seeks is victory,No amount of money to praise。”