“Dare not,Never dare anymore,I promise never to come here again……”

A bunch of gangsters agreed in unison。
Qin Liang waved,Left the barbecue restaurant with his people,When Xiao Huahan walked past Fatty when he was going out,And kicked him hard in the arm,The pain made the fat man scream like a pig again……
Qin Liang threw down four half-dead guys and a group of frightened bastards,Take everyone away,Yang Shiyun, who left a sad face, brought a group of criminals to clean up the mess。
Broke up with brothers,Qin Liang returned to the hospital with Liu Rushi and Liu Xiaoyun,Liu Rushi rinsed for a while and was urged to bed by Qin Liang。
“Sister-in-law,how about it?My boss is good,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun is starting to feel bad again。
“OK……Know he is great,You are also great。”
Liu Rushi is not smiling either,Neither smile nor。
“Ok you,Don’t brag to me,Hit someone,Not a good thing,Nothing to show off,As a last resort,Today is purely to vent my anger on Shishi。”
Qin Liang walked to the bed with a plate of washed fruits,Laugh and ridicule。
“Thank you。”
Liu Rushi gave Qin Liang a gentle smile。