Players from both sides are quickly running towards the scene of the accident。

Of course, the Korean players are to protect Son Ho Min,Because they have seen the anger on the face of every Chinese player who ran over。
And the moment Sun Haomin shoveled Hu Lai,All,Whether it’s the fans at the scene or the commentary in front of the TV、Audiences,I didn’t even see the ankle that was shoveled in Hu Lai.,Flashed a golden light,Fleeting。
Hu Lai himself,It’s just a glimpse of a fleeting golden light from the corner of my eye,He didn’t even realize what it meant,I just thought I was dazzled。
Lying on the ground, he grabbed his ankle,It hurts there,He thought he was done,This time it must have been seriously injured……
He wants to yell,Mouths are open,But it’s so painful that I can’t make any sound。
It’s this time,He is still thinking,You don’t need to call out by yourself. The referee should have found an abnormality too?If you don’t give the cards this time, it’s too hard to justify.?
A little noisy around,But Hu Lai can’t take care of these,He tried to move his ankle,Look at the damage……
What he didn’t expect was,He can turn his ankles smoothly,And the pain is fading fast。
Hu Lai was taken aback。
This reaction is not in line with the foul I just encountered!
Is it……and many more!
He thought of what he had on the equipment before the game【Torn Bear Leggings】。
【Torn Bear Leggings】:After equipment,Greatly reduce the chance of the wearer being injured during the match。